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Bel Fiore means beautiful as a flower in Italian and is a line of flower essences created to heal and boost the skin energetically.

These specialty essences are intended for skincare applications. They can be used alone or with other essential oils or skincare products.

This set includes the following essence blends:

Puro for energy purification.

Idros helps to repair and boost the energy body.

Liscia to connect with the divine.

Sollievo to soothe the auric field.

Luminosa to transmute energy.

Gioventu is a total energetic rejuvenation.

These essences can be used topically on the skin or be taken internally to help the skin on an energetic level.

Flower essences are the spirit of the flower and, therefore, are 100% safe for the skin and have zero side effects.

For best results, use two drops in your cleaner or moisturizer a few times a week or four drops three times a day in a glass of water if taken internally. Flower Essences are an excellent addition to any wellness routine!


  • Ingredients: Brandy, Distilled water, Structured water, Flower essence blend, Gem elixir blend, Color infused water.

Bel Fiore Flower Essence Set By Prismatic Flower Essences

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