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Beetch, do you have time for a lengthy face ritual? No worries! Let our Busy Beetch day cream do the job. With our miraculous Royal Threesome blend and skin-perfecting banana and turmeric extracts, you'll look like you have people to do that for you. 


But it's not just about the appearance. Each ingredient in our day cream serves a purpose. Bananas make the skin softer and supple, while turmeric evens skin tone and reduces dark circles. 


And that's not all - turmeric is a super potent ingredient with excellent benefits all around. It can prevent premature aging and protect against environmental damage. 


So slay the day away with our Busy Beetch Day cream—no need to sacrifice your skin's health and beauty for a busy schedule. Our cream has got you covered.



To use: Apply to face and neck after cleansing your skin until completely absorbed.


That Beetch Busy Beetch Day Cream

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