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Eye Contour Cream is an anti-aging eye cream designed to reduce imperfections around the eyes for dull and marked skin. It contains peptides with a "tensor effect" and plant collagen to lift the eyelids, attenuate wrinkles, and expression lines, regenerate and tone the skin, and stimulate the production of collagen and ceramides. The fragrance-free formula makes it suitable for delicate and sensitive eyes, gradually reducing signs of aging for a more relaxed and luminous look.


This cream is recommended for individuals with marked eyelid and periocular areas, mature skin without tone, and dry and delicate skin. The active ingredients include plant collagen, which hydrates and strengthens the skin barrier, and modern-generation active peptides that reduce wrinkles and expression lines. 


How To Use: apply a few drops morning and evening around the eye contour on perfectly cleansed skin, gently tapping from the inside outwards until completely absorbed.


Sotherm Eye Contour Cream

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