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This eye serum is designed for people with dull and marked skin who want to reduce imperfections around their eyes. It contains hyaluronic acid and peptides with a "tightening effect" that help to lift eyelids and reduce wrinkles and expression lines. The formula is fragrance-free, making it ideal for delicate and sensitive eyes. It has a profound hydrating effect that helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, lymphatic circulation, inflammation, swelling, and signs of tiredness. The product is made in Italy and comes in a 30ml dropper.


Active Ingredients:


- Hyaluronic Acid: This "polysaccharide of youth" promotes hydration and tone. It forms a thin microfilm on the skin surface, preventing transdermal water loss and providing long-lasting hydration. It stimulates the production of Collagen, the skin's natural support, promoting firmness and skin trophism.


- Peptides: These are modern-generation active ingredients that "mimic" the synthesis processes of Collagen and hyaluronic Acid, preventing the degradation of the support fibers. They reduce wrinkles and expression lines by stimulating cell renewal processes. 


- EYELISS™ COMPLEX: This combination of three molecules increases lymphatic circulation, improves tone and elasticity, and decreases the inflammatory phenomenon. It gives immediate relief against edema and dark circles by gradually activating the elimination of pigments from the blood responsible for the process and local inflammation, giving elasticity and tone to the eye contour. 


Directions for Use: On perfectly cleansed skin, apply a few drops around the eyes in the morning and evening, tapping gently from the inside outwards until completely absorbed. The product is recommended for people with marked eyelid and periocular area, dark circles and puffiness, hectic life, few hours of sleep, and skin without tone.


Sotherm Eye Serum

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