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Anti-Aging Illuminating Serum with Sotherm Marine Pearls is an exclusive illuminating formula containing active marine pearls that preserve the active ingredients. This booster helps to contrast the signs of aging, promote cell regeneration, and provide long-lasting moisturization. It also renews and regenerates the skin while delivering an anti-pollution protective matrix. This product is made in Italy and comes in a 30ml format.

The active ingredients in this booster include Marine Pearls, which are micro-encapsulated polysaccharides derived from brown algae. These pearls are a source of biologically active substances, including trace elements and marine collagen. They strengthen the skin's defenses, correct aging signs, and reduce dehydration. Additionally, they form a thick gel that reduces water dispersion, ensuring sustained release hydration. On the face, they create an invisible protective film that protects against polluting agents and evens the complexion for instantly brighter and smoother skin.

OSILIFT ® BIO polysaccharides are another active ingredient that provides a tensor effect obtained from BIO Oats. It can adapt perfectly to the skin micro-relief due to its three-dimensional configuration and high molecular weight. It gives an immediate lifting effect visible from the first application.

Algisium C® (Methysilanol Mannuronate) is a biotechnological active that stabilizes and promotes the bioavailability of silicon at the dermal level. In vivo and in vitro studies show that organic silicon helps maintain cell cohesion that stimulates fibroblast production, giving skin tone and elasticity. With age, the levels of organic silicon decrease, and the first sagging and wrinkles appear. Algisium C counteracts the main signs of aging by replenishing silicon.

This booster has proven efficacy in stimulating fibroblasts, fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation caused by environmental stress, promoting cell regeneration and the production of new collagen, and minimizing wrinkles and expression lines by contrasting the main signs of weather.

To use, apply a few product drops to perfectly cleansed skin. The pearls are activated with each dispensing, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness and hydration. Then, massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes. This product is for external use only.

Sotherm Pearl Serum

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