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Ultra Matt Lifting Cream is designed for normal and combination skin, with rapid absorption. The innovative formula with bio-cosmetic lipids has a soothing and redensifying action, which helps restore the skin barrier's function, improve elasticity, and increase resistance to external agents. A balanced mix of ceramides and sphingosine acts deeply to reduce the visibility of surface and deep wrinkles. Moisturizing actives such as Bakuchoil, Shea butter, and Dictiopteris Oil help maintain and improve hydration and skin elasticity by stimulating lipid nutrition and increasing volume with a fleshy action. Plankton and vitamin E extract stimulate cellular metabolism and protect the skin from photoaging, providing prolonged nourishment and a noticeable feeling of softness, leaving the skin smooth and matte.


HOW TO USE: Apply morning and evening on clean, dry facial skin, gently massaging until completely absorbed.

Sotherm Ultra Matt Lifting Cream

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